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The autumn has brought the colour to the leaves on the trees and it will also bring Erja and her current touring band to the UK!

The tour has altogether twelve (12) shows, starting from Milton Keynes, The Stables on 1st of October. Erja will also play at the famous 100 Club, where she last time recorded her award winning Live In London CD/DVD. This time on the bill will be also Ryan McGarvey and Stacie Collins along with Erja Lyytinen. We are looking forward to seeing all of you on the shows all over the UK!

Erja Lyytinen Band on tour: Erja Lyytinen, vocals, guitar, Harri Taittonen  keyboards, hammond between 11 – 16th Oct, Antti Ikola keyboards, hammond between 1-8th Oct, Juha Verona bass, Kai Jokiaho drums, Mikko Kiviniemi sound engineer

Erja Lyytinen UK Tour Dates 2016

UK Tour Dates 2016



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