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Erja and her band had a fantastic tour in Britain! The band played altogether 12 headline shows just in 13 days from Brighton up to Glasgow, including a double-headline show together with Chantel McGregor at Milton Keynes, The Stables and a festival show at at the beautiful East Coast town up in Scarborough.

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“The music is delivered with almost pinpoint accuracy and a palpable passion. Erja seamlessly swaps guitars between songs, with each and every one almost becoming part of her, such is her ease in producing such a quality sound song after song. Add to this her quality vocals and it is clear why the room is indeed at capacity tonight. ”

Down The Front Media

” The long guitar solos worked well with the songs and demonstrated just how good a guitar player she really is.”

Planet Mosh

“The slide guitar is to die for along with solos that are played with purpose instead of just being there to show off. When you’re as good and natural as Erja, showing off is just not required.”

Moshville Times

“..Erja Lyytinen continues to grow and expand as a songwriter, player and artist..”



Photos Adam Kennedy

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