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Erja will be starting the year 2017 with an extensive tour in Finland’s most finest concert halls. The tour will consist 24 shows in 23 different cities around Finland from Helsinki to all the way to magical Lapland. The tour will be part of the … Read the rest

Erja Lyytinen and her band started their tour from the UK on 1st of October and have now driven down to South to Mid-Europe. There´s few more dates left in Belgium, Germany and Sweden before settling to the Christmas mood..! Attached some great reviews from … Read the rest

Please find here some footage from the album recordings for the new Erja Lyytinen album! Erja and her band were using the Sonic Pump Studios for recording the album backing tracks. It is one of the most popular studios in Finland and situated in booming … Read the rest

Erja and her band – Antti Ikola/Harri Taittonen keyboards, Juha Verona bass, Kai Jokiaho drums, Mikko Kiviniemi sound engineer –  have just finished their 12-show tour in the UK. The shows are getting praising reviews!

Erja and band are thanking all the old and new … Read the rest

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