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Erja’s new album ’Another World’ has gained loads of good attention from reviewers so it’s been a brilliant welcome for the latest release! Read some of these reviews from the links below!


Here are some of the best rankings and reviews yet of ’Another … Read the rest

Unfortunately today’s, 9th of May, concert in Lichtentanne, Germany has been cancelled because of a car problem. Despite of this, the tour has been amazing and there are two more exciting shows to look forward in the Germany tour: Berlin (Quasimodo) and Forst (Manitu)!

See … Read the rest

Erja Lyytinen and the band is bringing Another World- tour to Germany and are playing in eight different towns in May! The new album has had an excellent welcome with great reviews and the band is now touring with a bunch of new songs from … Read the rest

European release for Another World album is TODAY!!

Erja says about her new album: “This album is about deep stories, emotions and feelings after a breakup. Going towards something new, discovering the new, and being courageous and naturally interested in the future. So, take a … Read the rest

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