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Welcome to follow my blog!

It is about the time that I join the happy bloggers of our world of social media.

As a teenager – when I had all the time in the world – I wrote steadily to my diary. I guess it was pretty popular back then, mostly among the girls. For me it mainly gave comfort. If anything was confusing me or making me mad, I could write about it to my diary without anyone getting hurt – what an easy way to get your thoughts out! Like dreaming about boys, or being mad at some “friend” who just got the boy you dreamed of, what a b*#ch! 🙂

Much later on I realised how much writing a diary had helped me to analyse my thoughts and feelings. So reading these diaries afterwards gave me a better understanding what I was going through as a young growing, searching, innocent and a cranky girl. Because that´s what teenagers are, insecure. Some things that felt so important or hard back then, were really nothing too serious after all. It is funny how human mind works.

So I think writing in any form is good for you. I like writing lyrics to the music. I love stories and creating them, but I think it´s good to have own perspective on the story. I like having my own personal touch to the topic, because then it really makes sense writing about it. It´s hard to fake or pretend, isn´t it? We can of course try to imagine.. So I write about something that I have experienced, at least in some level. So yes, some of it is true and then again no, not all of it is!

So why this long introduction? Well simply to say that this blog has been in my mind for some time now. From now on you have a chance to come and read this blog; about my thoughts, ordinary day life, some family stuff of course –  see, I have two little boys, twins actually, teaching me to be a better person every day! And of course I will be writing about news in the music biz, because that´s where I operate and music is my passion. And to mention, it´s going pretty good right now! We´ve been getting great reviews from my latest Live In London recording, you can read them in here. I´ve had a month off from touring, so I´m eager to start the summer season from the UK blues festivals on this week! And then some cool TV – projects coming up, too! Later on about that..

Let me know what you want to hear from me! Anything specific? Would you like me to reveal some lyric details here, stories behind, or maybe going all Martha Stuart and bake something and tell about the (un)successful experience..? I like being in the kitchen –  I recently had a time to bake a rhubarb pie, of which picture I post to my twitter account. Some journalist with a sense of humour did ask me how well rhubarb and blues go together. Well, very well indeed, because we musicians like to eat! And musicians do have three points to “survive” the hard life on the road: 1. Eat anytime you can 2. Sleep anytime you can 3. Use the toilet anytime you can. With these rules I will leave you to enjoy your summer festivals – because these rules go pretty well when camping in a small village somewhere at the countryside with 2000 other blues lovers trying to survive of long cues, rain, mud and twentieth round of dust my broom…So enjoy summer, food, music, festivals and HAVE FUN!!

X Erja

PS. Calling my first blog as a “My Little Blogy” as a reference to the childhood; We weren´t really rich, so I never had any of these hippy toys. I had no “My Little Pony”, but instead we had a lot´s of love and music in our lively house, so I never missed anything. This is something I try to remember with my kids. Perhaps they won´t always get the latest gadgets, but love, that they will definitely have! (and some stratocasters and other guitar stuff of course..;-)

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