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Erja will be starting the year 2017 with an extensive tour in Finland’s most finest concert halls. The tour will consist 24 shows in 23 different cities around Finland from Helsinki to all the way to magical Lapland. The tour will be part of the ‘Stolen Hearts’ record release tour. The album has been recorded at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki and the famous State Of The Ark Studio in London with renowned producer and mixing engineer Chris Kimsey (Led Zeppelin, Duran Duran, Marillion). The tour will continue later on Spring to Sweden, UK, Germany, Netherlands and rest of the Europe will follow later on.

Erja says: “Can’t wait to get to play the new songs live! There’s a lot of deep and meaningful stories, but also a lot of hope and joy in the song lyrics. And of course there’s a plenty of guitar solos for us, who love loud blues rock guitar.”

Check the current tour dates at Erja Lyytinen tour calendar.

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