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We are super excited to announce that Erja will be taking part on the Finnish singing contest Tähdet Tähdet “Stars Stars” on the fall 2017!

The program is one of the most popular reality contests on the National TV in Finland. It has almost a million viewers weekly. The idea behind the show is having ten competitors singing different music genres every week and viewers will have a power of voting their favourites to the next episodes. Remember to watch and of course vote for Erja!! The first live show will come out on Sunday 8th of October 2017 at MTV3. The finals will be held on Sunday 10th of December. The competitors this year are Veeti Kallio, Mikael Saari, Erika Vikman, Nelli Matula, Janna, André Linman, Jannika B, Tomi Metsäketo, Elias Kaskinen and Erja Lyytinen.

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