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Erja goes glamour diva!

The fifth episode on MTV3 music program Tähdet Tähdet (Stars Stars) was dedicated to movie music. Erja´s song was the tune from James Bond movie “Diamonds Are Forever”. The crowd cheered every time when Erja hit the high notes on this classic song originally sang by the dame Shirley Bassey. Erja´s fabulous dress is from Niinatar. Erja was voted for the sixth round, which will be live on MTV3 on Father´s Day Sunday 12th November 7:30PM. Remember to vote Erja! You can vote through the week. Send a text message 10 to number 17225 (1€) or
call 0700 79 010 (1€+pvm) or vote online hereäänestä

Thank you for all of who have been supporting Erja this far already! The competition goes until 10th Of December 2017.

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