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Erja will be touring together with Heikki Silvennoinen! Heikki is a guitar player, singer and an actor, who along the great actor´s skills is a world class guitar player. Heikki was a guitarist and a songwriter in several notable Finnish bands back in the 1970s … Read the rest

Erja is on the Guitarist Magazine November 2015 issue “10 Perfect”!

“She is the Finnish queen of blues slide who number´s Hairy Bikers among her fanbase – but what will happen when we cook up the 10 questions we ask everyone?”




 … Read the rest

Erja and her band are part of the BBC´s Hairy Bikers episode “Northern Exposure”!

The Bikers fall immediately in love with the beautiful and tranquil lakes of Finland and enjoy what they think will be a complete change of pace from the intensity of St … Read the rest

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