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Erja visited guitar player´s candy shop Custom Sounds, Helsinki in the spring 2016.  On this footage she will be showing her guitar techniques, slide guitar playing and how she is using pedals to add variation and nuances to guitar playing. (In Finnish)

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Blues definitely crosses all the borders! Finnish band was playing the blues for enthusiastic audience in India when Erja and her band visited India for the first time beginning of the April 2016. The little tour was organised by Starkonnekt Agency and consisted of shows … Read the rest

Guitarists Erja Lyytinen and Heikki Silvennoinen have just finished their long tour together!

The tour had altogether 26 shows all over Finland, from which they had 23 sold out shows. The success blew the whole team out, and of course Heikki and Erja were seemingly … Read the rest

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