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The lavishly named autobiography “Blueskuningatar” (The Blues Queen) will be officially released in Finnish on Friday 1st November!! The book has been written by Mape Ollila and will be published through Docendo. An English translation will follow later on next year 2020.

“Blueskuningatar” features facts about Erja´s career and life including how she got to this point, as well as highlighting shows and memories experienced, and incidents from the road. The book depicts going through the hard times and then again the good times during the journey growing as both a musician and a human being. The story is illustrated with a good amount of pictures and clippings from throughout Erja´s career – mostly taken by fans and friends.

What happened in the recording sessions in Mississippi? How did Erja end up driving a tank? Or what was it like to play with the legend, Carlos Santana? To all of these questions and plenty more you will find the answers by reading “Blueskuningatar”!

Personally signed copies of “Blueskuningatar” are on pre-sale at the Erja Lyytinen webshop and also on Docendo´s webshop!



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