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The year 2019 has come to it´s grand end!

Erja and her band (Harri Taittonen, Tatu Back, Iiro Laitinen, Olli Huttunen, Jussi Koivu, Hertta Hynninen) finished the year by playing twelve (12) concert houses around Finland between Helsinki and Lappland, Rovaniemi. Most of the shows were sold out or packed houses, so despite of the cold weather it was hot and steamy inside the venues! Blue Christmas 2019 had two guests through the whole tour – Micke Björklöf (Bluestrip) and Marjo Leinonen (Balls, Huff´n Puff) and they surely gave their best for each performance!  In Kuopio guitarist Zachary Hietala (from Tarot – band, and a brother of Nightwish Marco Hietala) cheered up the crowd with his fast fingers, with audience of 700 people enjoying this sparkling evening. In Erja´s present home town, Helsinki, the beautiful Savoy Theater had over 700 people enjoying the evening too with a special guest singer/bass player Aija Puurtinen, which was a high point for Erja, as she has been listening to Aija´s band, Honey B & T- Bones, since she was 12-years old.

Erja and band are thanking everyone for coming to the concerts – planning for Blue Christmas 2020 has already began!

Photos Hans Lehtinen, Janne Pirinen, Hertta Hynninen








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